Bingo Rally! Calling All McKenzie Business Owners

Want to bring in more visitors to your business while helping a good cause? Read the letter below from the Vida McKenzie Community Center Fundraising Committee to find out how!

Dear Valley Business Owner:

As you know, among the many structures lost in the Holiday Farm Fire, Vida McKenzie Community Center burned to the ground.  The Board of Directors of VMCC intends to rebuild the Center as  a more accessible and flexible venue, transforming it into a true community hub, utilized every day for group meetings, family gatherings, instructional classes, weddings, incubator kitchen and even a senior center!

In an effort to raise funds, the Center plans to hold a Drive-Thru Bingo event on 7-10-21, starting in Cedar Flats and traveling up the river, ending at McKenzie Community Track.  Participants will pay $25 for one Bingo card, free entrance to the Lavender Bloom and a free Vinnie’s BBQ lunch at the track.  Participants will stop at 8 businesses along the route to pick up their Bingo numbers and they will be encouraged to buy a cup of coffee, soft drink or just linger a bit at each stop.  Once participants arrive at the track, they will have their lunch, listen to live music and the final 2 Bingo numbers will be drawn.  The person who comes closest to a true “Bingo” will win a drift on the river.  In case of a tie, we will continue drawing Bingo numbers until a winner emerges.

Would your business be interested in giving us your business card or menu or some sort of branded “swag” to place in the “goodie bags” which will be given to each participant when they sign in at Patsy’s Stage Stop?  Our goal is to have every business in the valley represented.  We want to make this a winning event for everyone.

Please let us know by calling Gerry Aster at 541-896-3001 or emailing her at [email protected].


Gerry Aster, Tammy Pelton, Wendy Anzia, Sherry Jones

VMCC Fundraising Committee.    

P.S.  Kendall Lexus is generously underwriting this event so every dollar we raise will bring us one step closer to opening the doors of our new Vida McKenzie Community Center.


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