December 2019

Holidays are so much fun and exciting and we to get to view the McKenzie River Recreational Valley beautifully decorated with lights, lights and more lights everywhere. I love driving around and seeing the ideas folks have for decorating their businesses, homes and properties. My husband and I do our annual drive by on the side and back roads to get the full effect of everyone’s efforts. We play this game of rating the decorations from one to ten. If you put up anything at all, you get a one. You really have to work hard at it to get a ten, but there are quite a few ten’s out there. I hate to see the holidays end but like anything, all good things must come to an end and all the beautiful lights and decorations come down.

The McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce was involved in many fun filled and successful events this year. The Wooden Boat Show, McKenzie Lavender Festival, the Tokatee Fireworks Celebration, the Chain Saw Festival, Walterville Fair & Waddle, Cycle Oregon, the Christmas Bazaar and many Artist events just to name a few. All these events take hours of planning, organizing, setting up, breaking down, advertising and many worker bees to make these events successful. Our community is spread out over 50 miles. We have dedicated volunteer worker bees who put in many long hours on these events. Thank you all for all you do.

A NEW YEAR is just around the corner with more exciting events to plan, organize and attend. Our group of volunteer worker bees would love to see new worker bees come out and help with events. You don’t need to be a physical worker bee, worker bees are needed for making posters, planning committees, sending out advertisements, organizing, decorating and best of all ones that are full of new and exciting ideas to share with the Queen Bee. There is a need for more worker bees in our hive. Tell your Queen Bee to release you, you will be in good hands with us~~~~

The Chamber Board elections will take place after the first of the year. Positions are always open and new faces are always welcome on the board. We have a spirited and enthusiastic board right now and would love to see more of this spirit from more of you. Think about joining the board and making a difference in the community in which you live, work, play and do business. If you don’t want to be on the board, volunteer for an committee.

I hope the roaring 20’s brings you good health, wise thoughts, happiness and much success in whatever path you follow. Here’s to “2020”, I hope to see you all at our Meet & Greet on January 12th, at the Vida McKenzie Community Center from 3:00 p.m. -5:00 p.m., for food, fun & prizes.

Nadine Scott, president

McKenzie Chamber of Commerce