Since launching a few weeks ago, the McKenzie Treasures Saturday Community Market has really started to take off, and it’s so nice to re-visit it each week only to find new local vendors with a range of unique crafts and products on offer. Here’s some of the bounty I took home from today’s adventure.

McKenzie River Custom Boards

You’re absolutely spoiled for choice where it comes to finding a reason to buy one of these boards. The fact that each one is beautifully handmade as well as reasonably priced could certainly be enough. They also come in a wide variety of sizes and designs, or you can order a custom-made one if you don’t find what you’re looking for in stock.

That’s all great, but then you keep piling that feel-good factor when you find out they’re all locally made by four entrepreneurial youngsters learning carpentry skills from their grandfather. Then there’s the fact they’re environmentally friendly as they recycle spare off-cuts of wood donated by local cabinet makers, lumber mills and the like. To top it all off, 10% of all proceeds are donated to Holiday Farm Fire recovery efforts. I purchased a beautiful cutting board – together with their special blend “board butter” to keep it shiny and nice for years to come – and got a lovely hand-written thank you card from Tyler, Kadence, Aiden and Kennedee with care instructions. I very much encourage you to check them our at t future McKenzie Treasures Market or order online at

Kathryn’s Quilling

Kathryn Cannon makes lovely handmade decorations and cards. I particularly liked the snail and dragon flies, almost too pretty to give away!

The McKenzie River Gift Shop

Thomas Lincoln designs a wide variety of high-quality McKenzie SWAG like hats, t-shirts, mugs and postcards. And in a classic case of “it’s a small world, specially upriver” when I was chatting to him about the McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce, it turns out that he was the one who designed its logo!

McKenzie River Radiance

JoAnne Aughtung uses natural ingredients and fine essential oils to create a range of gorgeous scented candles, bath bombs and cosmetics. I really love the Sea Buckthorn face serum, and the Mountain Man soap with its punchy blend of Himalayan Cedarwood, Fir Needle, Patchouli and Orange essential oils.

Moon Dragon Designs

On the very first McKenzie Treasures Market, I already met with Moon Dragon Designs and got one of their beautiful necklaces, but this time around what tempted me (for an absolutely bargain-price of $4) was a clever “neck cooler” which is basically a thin scarf filled with water-retaining crystals that you soak up and wear on hot days. With temperatures often hitting triple digits in the past days and a scorcher of a summer ahead of us, I definitely see that becoming a favourite accessory.

Rebel Apothecary

I almost walked past this one, since I don’t consider myself a bearded lady, even after all these long months of COVID and not being able to get to the salon… But I’m glad I got chatting with the great people behind this business, which is actually booming. Probably not surprising, since Oregon is certainly not short of beardy men, but as it turns out, a lot of sales are from women realizing that it’s in their interest to ensure that those beards are soft and nice-smelling. I had a really hard time choosing just one from their excellent range of fragranced conditioning oils for my furry-faced other half.

Antler Art

Teresa Gonzales clever craftwork uses reclaimed wood and antlers to make distinctive and useful pieces to hang up your keys, bags, coats, etc. I got one of those, but I have to say I was sorely tempted by the toasting forks, specially when I found out that the antler handles glow in the dark! Once it’s safe to have campfires again in the McKenzie I might come back and treat myself…

Knitwear by April Dundon

April lives in McKenzie bridge and knits very nice hats and accessories. And it’s a testament to how nice the work is that even in this heat I actually found myself buying a pair of fingerless gloves!

Stitchy Finds

This mother-and-daughter team based in Vida have some delightful crochet creations ranging from clothes and accessories like earrings to more unusual fare, like the chick-shaped egg cosy (to keep your boiled egg warm, of course!) that I just couldn’t resist, as I’m having a lot of boiled eggs since my own chickens started producing like mad. Find them on Instagram @ph_studio541

Upcoming McKenzie Treasure Market Dates:

  • August 14 – Iron Forest
  • August 21 – McKenzie Station Pub
  • September 11 – Iron Forest
  • September 18 – McKenzie Station Pub

How do I sign up?

If you’re a local vendor looking to showcase your wares this summer, get in touch with Janice Myers about securing a free spot in the next markets. You can call Janice on (541) 514-7899 or email [email protected] with the following information:

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