The Mckenzie Station Pub

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The Mckenzie Station Pub is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11:30 to 7pm. Not only does the Pub have take-out, they’ve started a delivery service. For a $5 delivery fee, the Pub will deliver anywhere between Belknap Hot Springs and Blue River. On Fridays, the McKenzie Station Pub offers delivery all the way to Vida for a $7.50 delivery fee, but you need to get your order in by 3:30pm. The food will be delivered at 5pm.

To order call the McKenzie Station Pub, +1 541-822-6006

If you would like to pick up the food, come to the pick up window to the left of the main entrance. On the off chance you’re unsure where the Station Pub is, the address is 56393 McKenzie Hwy, McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413-9610

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