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Whitewater Rafting

Create an amazing whitewater adventure with one of our many rafting guide companies on the incredible McKenzie River. This classic alpine river springs from Clear Lake, high in the Cascade Mountain Range. The McKenzie runs through a canyon blanketed in Douglas fir, cedar, and old growth forest. The crystal-clear waters range from calm currents to dancing rapids. The amazing community is framed by the spectacular scenery which includes picturesque waterfalls, beautiful wildlife, fly-fishers, hikers, bikers, and more, all with a stunning backdrop of snow-capped mountains. This river will give you a rafting adventure you will never forget.

McKenzie River Kayaking Kayaking


Kayaking the McKenzie River

With a long season, breathtaking scenery, and a couple great play spots, the McKenzie River is a hotspot for kayakers. There are many “put-ins” and “take-outs” throughout the river, giving kayakers the option to run Class II to Class V runs. This makes the McKenzie River a great river to learn on with a guide down for the simpler lines while also being a paradise for experienced paddlers on some of the harder drops. This heavily forested setting has produced some of the finest paddlers in the world, including 2003 World Champion Jay Kinkaid.

McKenzie River Fishing Fishing


Fishing on the McKenzie River

Fishing on the McKenzie River is a glorious experience. Twenty-two native fish and more than seven non-native fish swim this ultra-pure, spring-fed river. The McKenzie River is also one of the most stocked rivers in Oregon with trout from the Leaburg Fish Hatchery and spring chinook salmon from the McKenzie Fish Hatchery. The McKenzie River watershed encompasses 1,300 square miles (3,367 sq km) comprised of tributaries, streams and lakes through a varied terrain. Fish populations include wild and hatchery trout, spring chinook and summer steelhead, sturgeon, sculpin, lamprey, whitefish and more. Regulations vary widely depending on season, section of the river and type of fish, so review the Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations when purchasing your fishing license.

Hire a guide – there are many qualified guides that will take you down the McKenzie River in their wonderful drift boats! For a full list of guides, click here. In Eugene there are a couple of really great fly shops (The Caddis Fly Shop and Home Waters Fly Fishing).

McKenzie River Hot Springs Hot Springs


Belknap Hot Springs

Belknap Hot Springs are located right on the McKenzie River, one of Central Oregon’s hidden jewels. You can soak any day whether you are a guest or just dropping by because the lodge is open 365 days a year. There are two relaxing mineral hot spring pools to soak in and many acres of forested land to hike through, including the extravagant Secret Garden. Belknap offers a relaxing experience not soon to be forgotten.

$8.00 for one hour or less (Shower and Bathroom Facilities)

$15.00 per day per person. $2.00 pool towel available.

Day use hours are 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM year-round.

Boat Landings

Motorize craft (except for rescue craft) are not allowed in the main stem of the river above the Goodpasture Covered Bridge.
Beginning at Mp 8 near Walterville on McKenzie Hwy 126 heading EAST and continuing beyond the town of McKenzie Bridge.
The mile post markers (Mp) switch after Paradise Campground and start at Mp 18 and go down as you head east.

  • Taylor, Walterville, McKenzie Hwy Mp 11, right on Deerhorn Rd, Mp 3
  • Hendricks Bridge Wayside Park, Walterville, McKenzie Hwy Mp 11.5 right on Hendricks Bridge Road
  • Bellinger, Walterville, McKenzie Hwy Mp 12, left on Camp Creek Rd to Oak Point Way, Mp3
  • Walterville, Walterville, McKenzie Hwy Mp12.5 on right
  • Deerhorn, Walterville, McKenzie Hwy Mp 17.5, right on Holden Creek Rd, right on Bridge St, on left
  • Leaburg, Leaburg, McKenzie Hwy Mp 19.5, on right across from East Lane Veterinarian
  • Greenwood, Leaburg, McKenzie Hwy Mp 22, right on Greenwood Drive, on left
  • Lloyd Knox Waterboard Park, Leaburg, McKenzie Hwy Mp 24, right over EWEB dam, right to fish hatchery
  • EWEB, Leaburg, McKenzie Hwy Mp 25.5 on right
  • Helfrich Landing, Vida, McKenzie Hwy Mp 28.5, right on Thomson Lane, stay left
  • Ben & Kay Dorris State Park, Vida, McKenzie Hwy Mp 29.1, right into park
  • Rennie’s Landing, Vida, McKenzie Hwy Mp 32
  • Silver Creek, Vida, McKenzie Hwy Mp 34
  • Finn Rock, Vida, McKenzie Hwy Mp 38, right on Quartz Creek, stay left
  • Forest Glenn, Blue River, McKenzie Hwy Mp 40.5 on right
  • Hamlin Landing, Blue River, McKenzie Hwy Mp 43.5 on right
  • Bruchart, Blue River, McKenzie Hwy Mp 45.5, right on Aufderheidi Rd
    McKenzie Bridge Campground, McKenzie Bridge, McKenzie Hwy Mp 49.5, right into campground
  • Paradise Campground, McKenzie Bridge, McKenzie Hwy Mp 54, left into campground
  • Frissell, McKenzie Bridge, McKenzie Hwy Mp 16.5
  • Olallie Campground, McKenzie Bridge, McKenzie Hwy Mp 13, left into campground