Inspirations from the President!

Fall is in the air, on the trees and a delight to the eyes. As I regret having to say goodbye to summer I always look forward to our beautiful fall days. I drove over to Bend for the week end and it was so pretty, crystal clear skies and picturesque mountain views. This is a perfect time of year to promote your business and the McKenzie River Recreational Valley. The hiking and biking trails are full of vibrant red and orange colors your guests would love to enjoy, but do they know about them? This is where you come into play. Get the news out to your guest list, friends and family. The McKenzie River in the fall is fabulous. Enjoy a float trip down the river, stop along the way for a picnic and watch the wild life play. Hike up to Castle Rock, hike the trail between Sahalie Falls and Koozer Falls and it will take your breath away. View Clear Lake from a boat to see the petrified forest beneath the crystal clear waters. Paradise Campground is a perfect overnight treat. Drive the old Hwy 242 to experience the lava beds and the observatory that shows a different mountain in every window.

I would recommend a day trip. Head East on Hwy 126, about MP 52, take a right onto the old pass Hwy 242, drop down into Sisters for lunch and shopping, drive back on Hwy 126 East, stop at Sahalie Falls and Koozer falls to experience memories, then end up back in McKenzie Bridge in time to visit the beer garden at The Grill or a nice dinner at Cyndy’s Pub. Head on back home and you will have a day to remember~

This year the White House Christmas Tree will be cut down from a forest in Sweet Home, that has been growing there for many years, waiting for it’s trip across country to finally live at the White House in Washington DC. The tree will be on display at the McKenzie River Track and Field site on November 11th between 10:30 – 11:30 am. A celebration guests, friends and family can enjoy. You may also purchase ornaments to have put on the tree when it arrives at the White House. A fun adventure and a little history for our area.

December will bring a holiday celebration for all of our McKenzie Chamber Members, friends and family. We will be having a fun filled event and a chance for you to mix and mingle and get to know new folks around town. Date and Venue are being planned and will let you know soon. Chamber Board elections will take place at the event. Please send all board member recommendations to Nadine Scott, 541-195-0807 Please make sure the person you are recommending has agreed to serve on the board. It is an interesting, challenging and rewarding way to serve your community and support business folks.

2019 is going to be an exciting year for the Chamber. There is a lot of new energy floating around the river and throughout the towns. Bring some of yours to our meetings. We welcome new faces and energy. See you all around town~

Nadine Scott, President

McKenzie Chamber of Commerce