The Chamber board  met to discuss how to best allocate the recent grant from Lane County to help boost the local economy. Below are the summary notes and results from that meeting.

SUMMARY OF CHAMBER MEETING JUNE 10, 2021   4:00 pm  according to Nadine Scott

In attendance: Nadine Scott, Judy Casad, Ken Engleman, Melanie Stanley, Carole Tannebaum,

Alice ED, Jenny Dail from McKenzie Clinic

Purpose of meeting was to set guidelines for distribution of the Lane County Grant for $ 35,000.

Tourism committee recommended: Tourist facing business be a priority. Businesses in general. Infrastructure and Community members in need.

We had 7 proposals:

Linda Chmiel, Indigo Café in need of repairs $ $3,000,

Vida Café, Kellie, needs refrigerator $3,500

Blue River Parks need bathrooms for Blue River Park $ 3,000

Blue River Boat Landing needs bathrooms (tourism committee) $ 5,000

McKenzie Communications (Ken), public access WIFI, install towers, internet $2,000

Jenny Dail, McKenzie Clinic in need of remodeling the quilt shop for temporary clinic $ 5,000

Alice, Chainsaw Sculpture Tour fund raiser $ 5,000

It was discussed proposal #7, could be funded through the tourism dollars we already have in our general fund. Carole will discuss this with Alice. This proposal was removed from the list.

Ken made a motion we fund all of the other 6 proposals as requested. Judy second, all in favor. No opposed.  Motion passed.

Ken will notify McK Communications. Judy will notify Blue River Park. Melanie will notify Vida Café and Medical Center. Nadine will notify Indigo Café. Carol will notify tourism committee.

An article will be put in River Reflections to let the public know of the Chambers decisions and also to notify the public and business that we still have funds to distribute and they should apply directly to the Chamber with a request.

Meeting Adjourned   5:10 pm


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