McKenzie River Chamber – Covid Business Support Series

McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce - COVID support

McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce has launched a new PR campaign to help support local businesses during the COVID pandemic shut down period.

The promotional series will feature local businesses that are open – offering services and support during the COVID shutdown.

We are creating News posts here on the Chamber website, then blasting the information out to multiple channels on Facebook and other social media sites.

The primary focus is on local businesses that are providing essential services such as food, gas and supplies.

Help us share the word as we work to keep our neighbors informed, and join us shopping with our local friends that operate businesses here.


The News posts tell us

    • Who is Open
    • What Days / Hours are they open
    • What Services Can We Get
    • If there are special things we need to know to access those services safely


We are encouraging local residents to support these services.  This PR campaign is NOT promoting outside tourist to come to the area during the shutdown period.

Once things go back to normal – we will be supporting the community and local businesses through our continued promotional and marketing efforts along with our oversight and management of the Rural Tourism Marketing Program.


How You can Help

Buy products and use services from our local businesses.

Share our Facebook Posts

Consider Volunteering with the Chamber as we work to Build a Stronger Community 


Join us – Volunteer and/or Be a Member

Send us an email using this easy form here

Join the Chamber  – it’s not just for businesses.  Individuals can join for only $25 a year.   Be a part of something bigger and make a difference here at home along the McKenzie River.