November 2021 Letter from the President

Happy Fall, the falls colors have been magnificent. They seemed brighter and more brilliant this year.
How did we get to fall already? What happen to spring and summer? Sounds like winter is just around
the bend, then it will be another New Year.

What brings us JOY in the seasons is that they might be different from a month, a year or a decade ago.
JOY is contagious. You will always look for JOY once you experience it. Experiencing JOY is our job and
will grow in the right environment. We should not depend on something or someone else to experience
Joy. Joy can be found in big and little places in life. Often it is the little things in life that bring us the
greatest JOY. JOY just does not show up, it is cultivated. We create it; infuse it into our days. The JOY I
am talking about is not nostalgic JOY of the past or anticipatory JOY of something in the future, but
rather a simple JOY you can experience in the present. Think about what brings you JOY. JOY will change
your attitude in life and make you a more positive person. People are attracted to Positive. JOY is

Our community, friends and families have all been in turmoil for more than a year. Somehow, I have
noticed JOY coming out of the tragedy folks have had to endure, whether it be the COVID-19 pandemic,
businesses shut down or struggling, folks losing their jobs, then the Holiday Farm fire hit and devastated
our beautiful valley and so many families lost everything they owned. Many were forced to move or
relocate. Now a new strain, the DELTA virus, going around. You wonder how I can find JOY in anything.
The answer is stay POSITIVE. Take care of yourself first and then those around you who need your help
or are less fortunate than you, and you will find JOY. Invite your version of JOY into existence all around

“It is not that we invite Darkness In but rather black the Light out, as a friend once said. Stay open,
brave, and curious. Reach for JOY, it belongs to all of us.

The JOY of the holidays is just around the corner. The McKenzie Chamber of Commerce, along with
MCDC and Locals Helping Locals are planning a Joyful car parade for the “Holiday Light Up the Valley
Celebration” Sunday, December 12th 4:30 – 6:30. We invite everyone to decorate your car, property, RV,
business, truck, or camp spot. We are organizing two car parades. One will start at Cedar Flat and go to
Vida Windermere Office and one will start at McKenzie Espresso & Deli and come down to the Vida
Windermere Office. We will have hot chocolate and cookies and get back together as a community to
express our JOY for what we have, rather than what we have lost. Tell your friends and families. For
more information check out the website, McKenzie; look for ads in River Reflections,
watch Facebook or you can contact me directly at n[email protected]. As I mentioned we are in
the planning stage so please check back for updates. Invite your friends, bring the kids and family.

Let’s Light Up JOY this season.

Sincerely on behalf of,
Nadine Scott, president, and the entire McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce.


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