Sign the Petition – CAT Tax Delay

In just a few days, thousands of Oregon business owners will have to make the gut-wrenching decision to either pay a brand-new Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) or keep workers on the payroll.
“I can pay the tax or keep eight to 10 people employed. I can’t do both. I’m hoping lawmakers won’t force us to make that kind of choice,” David Chown, whose family has operated Chown Hardware in Portland since 1879, told the Oregonian in a Mar 27, 2020 story.
When the Legislature passed this new tax last year and Governor Brown signed it into law, no one could have seen this pandemic and economic crisis coming. No one.
But there is something we can do to soften the blow, save jobs and prevent further disaster from striking Oregon businesses. Please sign the petition from our partners at Oregon Forests Forever today urging the Governor and Legislature to postpone this new job-killing tax by just six months. It’s common sense. Now is the worst possible time to raise taxes on businesses that are already getting clobbered by COVID-19 and the economic shutdown.
Oregon’s forest products businesses and workers are uniquely hard hit. The mostly rural communities where they operate are being devastated. Coastal communities where tourism and timber are the economic lifeblood are at a virtual standstill. Mills are closing down, trucks sit idle, shops are closed and streets are empty.
This won’t last forever and brighter days will return. But in the meantime, please sign and share our petition asking the Governor and Legislature to delay this new CAT tax, which will force businesses to choose between fulfilling their tax obligations or continuing to employ Oregon workers.