Letter from the President

Fire is like a death, it comes quickly, takes the life out of you and leaves nothing behind except memories.

The beautiful McKenzie River Valley experienced a painful death the past few weeks. A death that affected each and everyone person in the valley and many friends and families all over the country. The fire took homes, trees, land, parks, mountain sides and sadly lives. 

As a community we will be reminded of the terrible fire for many years to come with the little it left behind. As a community we will rebuild emotionally and physically. Material things are just items that can be replaced. It is our hearts that are broken that will take a long time to recover. More than ever we need to come together as a community and help one another, not just physically but emotionally. Some folks were affected more than others. All feel the pain. To experience what your neighbors have lost, and you may not have, is very painful. 

I am truly fortunate to still have my home. My six neighbors and over 30 friends were not so lucky, they lost everything.

To watch the community, view the remains of a lifetime of memories, childhood experiences, family gatherings, businesses gone, jobs lost and homes gone forever is very painful. 

We must be strong for the less fortunate and give more than we ever have before.

2020 has been a very painful year for many people in more ways than one. I hope we can get through this year without a Grand Finale.  2021 must bring peace of mind for all.

I am here for all of you, when and if you need me. 

Remember I am just a phone call away~

Nadine Scott, president

McKenzie Chamber of Commerce

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From Clear Lake, under the majestic Mount Washington, to the fly-fishing and bird watching town of Walterville, the McKenzie River is filled with fun, beauty, and excitement for you, your family, and friends. Choose from one of the world class bike trails, white water rafting, fishing, hiking, or relaxing in one of the natural hot springs. No matter if you prefer solitary time hiking on one of the many incredible trails, feeling the refreshing spray of a thundering waterfall on your face with a few friends, or listening to live music and socializing at one of our fine restaurants or lodges, the McKenzie River has the adventure for you.

Join the McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce and help us bring all the businesses along the McKenzie River into one community to become the best place to live, work, and visit.