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McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce President

November 2021 Letter from the President

Happy Fall, the falls colors have been magnificent. They seemed brighter and more brilliant this year.How did we get to fall already? What happen to spring and summer? Sounds like winter is just aroundthe bend, then it will be another New Year. What brings us JOY in the seasons is that they […]

Letter from the President – April 2021

Spring has sprung Isn’t it funny how a little sunshine in our lives can make every day easier to face? Walking outside this morning I saw all the little perennials popping up through the ground, and the yellow, blue and purple made me realize that there is still life all around me […]

November 2020 Letter from the President

46 days and counting? I do not know about all of you but 2020 has been one of the most stressful years of my life.            I cannot wait for it to be over.  Covid-19 came in fast and strong;  businesses were forced to shut down,  communities quarantined,  […]


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