Managing Your McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce Membership

Table of Contents

Existing Members

For existing members, managing your McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce membership via our website is simple!

First, you need to be logged in. Visit the login page and enter your username and password to log in. If you don’t remember your password, use the “Lost Password” link on that page.

Not sure what email you used to sign up? Contact [email protected] with your name and business so that we can help you recover your account.

Once you’ve logged in, visit your Account Dashboard and click “Manage Membership” in the left-hand menu to see your current membership. There’s also a link to edit your business profile.

My Membership is “On Hold” or “Pending Payment”

If your membership is inactive and has a status of “On Hold” or “Pending Payment”, you need to pay for your latest renewal order to reactivate your membership and your listing in the McKenzie Chamber business directory.

Click “Orders” in the left-hand menu of the Account Dashboard. There should be an open order that is Pending Payment. Pay for that order to reactivate your membership.

Prefer physical payment? Mail your payment to:
McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 297
Walterville, OR 97489

I want to renew my membership

If you want to renew your membership early, visit the Account Dashboard and click on “Manage Membership“. If you have more than one membership (if a previous membership was cancelled or expired), choose your Active membership.

You should see a button to Renew your membership. Follow the payment instructions to complete renewal of your membership.

Don’t see the Renew button? If you originally began your membership on a $25 introductory trial rate, renewal will not be available until your first year of membership has completed. Visit the McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce website again on your renewal date. If you believe you are not on the introductory rate but still don’t see the Renew button, contact [email protected] for additional help.

New Members

If you don’t yet have a McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce membership, visit the “Join the Chamber” page in the main menu under “Members/News”.

Membership Types

  • Business Member – Our classic membership. $100/yr membership with the McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce
  • Additional Business – A membership tier available exclusively to individuals with multiple businesses that are already paying full price for a Business Member membership. $50/yr. Subject to approval by the Chamber
  • Supporting Member – A $25/yr annual commitment to support the Chamber. You will not be listed in the Member Directory.