Holiday Farm Fire Recovery Funding Committee Meeting

On Monday, April 1, the PIER Committee will meet online and in person from 2 to 4 PM at McKenzie Fire and Rescue in Leaburg, 42870 McKenzie Highway. A week before the meeting, the agenda and materials will be posted on the Lane County PIER website: Register for the meeting on the website to receive an online meeting link. 

Background info: The State of Oregon is providing funds for Holiday Farm wildfire recovery, and all are welcome to join the conversation. A committee of individuals, organizations, and agencies meets regularly online and in person to make recommendations. There is time set aside at the beginning and end for public comments and questions. The State of Oregon program is called PIER – Planning, Infrastructure, and Economic Revitalization – visit to access meeting materials, provide comments, confirm meeting dates/timeframes/locations, sign up for project updates, and register for the meeting via Zoom link. Email [email protected] or call 541-852-8259 to submit comments or questions. The Committee is formally voting on priorities during these public meetings. 

Note: People needing special accommodation (e.g., in-person accommodation, hearing impaired, language translation, chemical sensitivity needs, and large print copies of the agenda or other application materials) are instructed to submit their request at least 48 business hours prior to the meeting by calling Megan Heurion at 541-852-8259 or emailing [email protected].